We all love cycling for different reasons.

Whether it’s the thrill of embarking on your first ever ride, the freedom of exploring new trails or the excitement of racing, the bicycle is a companion which brings these experiences to life.

At Zini, we believe that cycling should be celebrated.

Tuesday was a busy day.

After months of promising that he was unbeatable on a bike, Schalk Britz was put to the sword by his sons. He could talk the talk, but could he walk the walk?

Despite putting up a good fight, Schalk was beaten (soundly) by his sons.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board Schalla

Up the road, Professor was enjoying his day off by taking in some fresh forest air. The real reason he wanted to get out and go for a ride was to enjoy a foamy latte but what better way to earn it than by bike.

Josie has just embarked on her first ride on single-track. The sheer exhilaration of it is something she will never forget and it’s safe to say that she wants more!

Just because he’s retired from professional rugby does not mean that Bryan Habana’s life has slowed down.

A chilled ride around the neighborhood with his eldest son is just what he needed after returning from a frantic business trip abroad.

Lihle is a natural born shredder.

He’s almost as fast up the hills as he is down them.

Although he makes cycling look easy, he trains tirelessly and ensures that he gives himself the very best chance of succeeding onboard his Z29 Elite.